BEVELBORD: Traditional, classic look but with none of the repetitive, costly maintenance care required of weatherboard, ply, fibre cement or plaster finishes.

DUALBORD: Strong clean modern look with seamless joints for extreme weathertightness conditions.

EUROBORD: Lends itself to both Residential and Commercial buildings.

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75-100 Year Life Expectancy

What are the benefits of Flashclad Aluminium cladding over timber and fibre cement weatherboards?

  • The life of the cladding will outlast the building in most cases.
  • Won’t rot, twist, crack, warp or suffer from resin bleed.
  • Doesn’t need painting.
  • Low maintenance – clean with a hose.
  • Lower scaffolding costs than with painted claddings.
  • 50 year minimum durability.
  • 15 year Product Warranty.
  • 10 year Installation Warranty.
  • No reliance on sealants. When Flashman Products are used you enter a Sealant Free Zone.

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